Why I'm Tired of Hearing the Plus-Size Community Attack Brands

I love the plus-size community on social media. I owe so much to the women willing to share themselves with strangers who quickly become allies. What I don't love is the VITRIOL spewing forth from women so insecure in their power that they waste energy MISDIRECTING anger. 

If a brand, run by humans just like you and me, asks you for your opinion, why are you attacking them like they have bullied you all throughout middle school? Don't forget that Lane Bryant was there to clothe us when NO OTHER BRANDS WOULD. We act as if these brands are all-mighty beings who can suffer from no fallacy and have to get everything right the first time. What has happened to meaningful discourse?

Might the fault be with you for expecting too much too soon? Evolution takes time. Change is a process. I am not giving them leeway to discriminate. I am however asking you to consider lifting up the brands working hard to bring visibility to us all instead of tearing down others. Yes, there are flaws in the #IMNOANGEL campaign, just like there are flaws with the #visiblyplussize campaign and the #realwomenhavecurves campaign. Neither of them are perfect, but they all serve a purpose for some one out here in this community. 

Yes, we should hold brands to a certain standard...but stop begging for a place at the table when there are literally hundreds of others offering you space at theirs. Stop asking Victoria Secret when they are going to have plus-size models and start supporting brands that already do. There are so many independent brands doing just what you are hawing at Lane Bryant (and other brands) for not doing. And if someone else wants to still shop at Lane Bryant...then let them. Stop trying to shame others for their support. Stop internalizing the discrimination you've felt from the world then projecting it onto others. Support independent brands like Ready to Stare or PopUpPlus. Stop looking for validation from others. Rant over.