The Short and Tailor 5

Personal style blogs abound, of this I am sure. So, I've come up with the "Short and Tailor 5" as an easy way for you to see why you should stick around. So without further ado:

5. Who am I?

A short, curvy, Black, caribbean girl looking to talk about any and all of these things at any and all of the time. 

4. Why am I blogging?

I've got things to say, dammit! And I hope you like reading them? In all seriousness, when I downloaded Instagram three years (and an Android phone) ago, I just wanted to join the cool kids. Fast-forward to the summer of the #fatkini, and I was hooked. I saw beautiful, confident women who looked like me and were wearing something I had avoided for so long. If they could do it, I could too. If they could dress well, I could too. If they could reach just one person and help them feel confident enough to step outside the box, then I could too. So here I am. Representing for the petite AND curvy girls who sometimes feel left out of the mix.

3. What will I be blogging about?

- #ShortGirlSlay , powered by Short and Tailor, this hashtag celebrates those of us lucky enough to be under 5'4" and still killing it. Look here for style-spiration no matter what height or weight you are. 

- #StyleQuery, I answer your questions about anything style related - how to find the best sports bra or where to shop for affordable, custom-made gowns. You submit, I (try) to answer or crowdsource when I can't. Email me to submit!

- The politics of the plus-size/body-positive community (it ain't gonna be all sunshine and roses).

- General 'I am woman, hear me roar' adoration

- Style Deals/Life Hacks

- Ratchetness

2. How can you interact with me?

- Comment on my posts! I will love it, I will read it, and I will respond to the best of my abilities! I want this to eventually become an open community where we regularly interact. I've got things in store for you :)

- I love email. It's oddly intimate, relieves you of the pressure in leaving just the right PUBLIC comment, and for some reason it really allows people to open up. So shoot me an email about anything - coffee dates, style queries, politics, dogs, stories, advice, whatever!

- Instagram is my addiction. And I totally check my DMs. 

- Facebook, no Twitter

- Snapchat me all the things and I will do the same. 

1. When will I post?

New blog posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!