#StyleQuery: Style Your Sweatshirt Like a Grown-Up in 3...2...1

Sweatshirts aren't only for your post-yoga walk to the car anymore!

#StyleQuery is a crow-generated feature here on Short and Tailor. You ask, I answer. This week will feature all reader-asked questions from both Facebook and Instagram. If YOU have a #StyleQuery about your personal style challenges, let me know in the comments, or follow us on Facebook to see what others have already asked. Let's start off with this question I received in the early days of Short and Tailor:

"How can I wear a sweatshirt without looking like an eighth grader, or a girl who just left spin class?"

Try these tips:

  • Keep it chic AND simple. Sweatshirts aren't your typical bulky, Hanes,crewneck, 100% cotton creations anymore. They come in different shapes, silhouettes, patterns and designs now. If you're sweatshirt is already interestingly designed, try pairing it with a slim jean, and single-soled sandals or nude pumps. 
  • Pair your sweatshirt with a full, midi skirt or pencil skirt. Roll up your sleeves to 3/4 length, front tuck the sweatshirt and find the skirt for you. Some prefer a full, midi skirt - others love the look of a pencil skirt. Either pair well with a sweatshirt for a relaxed look. You could even try a mini skirt. Keep it casual with some trainers/kicks or make it an evening look with a pair of booties or heels. 
  • Layer a structured jacket over it w/ jeans. Find a biker jacket or blazer to pair with your sweatshirt. The jacket will give it some shape without making it too formal. 
  • Use statement accessories. Take the sweat out of the shirt and make it pretty by adding your favorite statement accessories. Be creative. It doesn't have to stop at a necklace. Try leather gloves, a scarf, a brooch, etc. 

Like the statement sweatshirt on the left (in the above pic)? It's a Stella McCartney, but I found a dupe here ---> bit.ly/stellamccartneydupe