8 Year Old Me...Might Not Have Cared What Barbie's Body Looked Like

Barbie, be like me!

After 57 years, Mattel has released new body shapes AND skin tones for the best-selling, doll series of all time. Barbie has a new body, and it looks like you, me, and everyone we know. 


Want to really know how I feel? Well...the 28 year old me - who has years of society-induced, body-dysmorphia and suffered from a warped self-image for years - is elated. But, honestly, the 8 year old me might not care. Don't get me wrong...representation is AMAZING. However, I really think that at 8, I wasn't aware that Barbie didn't look like me. That was something imparted to me by society - in both good and bad ways. So this got me thinking even harder...if I can't remember specifically wondering why my pointed toe, blonde, thin-waisted Barbie didn't look like me - who is this body change really for? Is it for the adults or for the kids? My point is that even with body-positivity, we MAY still be imparting a weird kind of obsession with the physical form instead of focusing on other attributes. You don't have to agree with me, but I am interested to know your thoughst. Share them below...then join me later tonight on Periscope so we can talk about it, girl!