Welcome to the #BodyParty

It's February...you're either lamenting about NOT having a boo, or dreading having to make-up something to do for the boo that you DO have. Whichever is the case...I invite you to take a break and consider doing something for YOU. Come on over to shortandtailor.com and stay awhile. We are having a....

Welcome to the #BodyParty. Won't you stay awhile?

Although #BODYPARTY is a regular series on Short and Tailor, this month is significant for a few reasons:

1) "The Month of Love" : Say what you want about greeting card companies getting together to trick us all into more consumerism via a manufactured holiday about love - we all take a little extra time to consider love at this time of year. Personally, I think it's great. Take the time to consider the types of love in your life. When doing that, please don't forget to consider the love (or lack thereof) you have for your body. Is it unconditional? Is it understanding? Is it kind? Is it supported by those around you?

2) "Black History Month" : My idea for the #bodyparty series to start in February was based around the fact that, culturally and racially, my body type, my skin-tone, my identity...all worked against me in my attempt to love myself. Ironically, all of these things turned out to be on the list of things I love about myself. That's when the party began.

This month, we kick off the #bodyparty with a series within a series titled, "Women-of-Color and Body-Positivity". I asked some popular, body-positive/fashion bloggers about their experiences with body-positivity within the framework of culture AND color. As a first-generation, Caribbean-American, I knew how much my background affected my ability to accept myself as plus-sized woman. Understanding this, I wanted to hear from other women with cultural backgrounds different from the status-quo. Check out our first feature later this week (Wednesday) and sign-up to get the party details sent directly to your email!