New Year, New Inspiration: 11 Style Bloggers You Need To Follow in 2016

Embrace your individuality without worrying about judgement
— Alex Douby @androgynousdouby

In line with Short and Tailor's #GrowthMindsetStyleGuide, here's some style inspiration to help you find room to grow in your personal style. There's a lot of the same happening in the style world, but these 11 style bloggers/igers are really doing something different. I've separated them into categories according to the kind of inspiration you might need in 2016. Check it out below:


Blogger Not Billionaire

She kick's off her IG page with "Let's all be a little bit different" and executes her own request delightfully. For classic silhouettes that enhance individuality instead of suffocating it, check out 'Blogger Not Billionaire' out of Seattle. Her background in fashion comes through in her styling choices, and I love every bit of it. 

Instagram - @BloggerNotBillionaire

Blog -


An 'OG' in plus-size fashion, and creator of the hashtag 'plussizeplease'. Curvily is not afraid to challenge brands that neglect women sizes 14 and up. She is great at deal-digging, knows how to style the hell out of a plaid dress, and really understands how to wear the trends without blending in. 

Instagram - @curvily

Blog -

Sincerely Charlie

From the moment I saw her Instagram feed, I was hooked. She can make jeans and a sweatshirt look runway ready with great ease. She take classic pieces and turns them into stylishly, unique additions to her closet. There's no blog, for now ;), but with any luck we can get her to start one some day. I'd gobble it up. 

Instagram - @_sincerelycharlie


Do The Hot Pants

Hot Pants, as she calls herself, is a body-positive blogger and activist who knows that looking good is about feeling good. She spreads a wonderful message of body-positivity while rocking the flyest outfits. When you need a kick in the pants to #loveyourselfie, take a look at Hot Pants. 

Instagram - @dothehotpants

Blog -

Glitter and Lazers

She's a fashion blogger, stylist, plus-size yogi, runner and Expert Sass-bot. She is unabashedly herself in yoga pants, bodycon dresses, or pajamas. She puts together a stunning monochrome look and is not afraid of color. Style has no size and when you forget about that...hop on over to Glitter and Lazers to remind you.  **Also, she has the single greatest captions on Instagram. 

Instagram - @glitterandlazers

Blog -

The Dee Project

I can't remember how I found Dee, but boy am I glad I did. Dee knows how to put together an entire outfit and shows us that style has no gender. If you need help accessorizing, putting colors together, or figuring out how to style individual pieces...check out Dee. 

Instagram - @thedeeprj

Blog - None (YET!!!)


Androgynous Douby

As her name suggests, Androgynous Douby is a style bender. She also embodies wear whatever you want more than anyone I follow on Instagram. She can pair a vintage fur coat with a men's tee and ripped jeans like nobody's business. 

Instagram - @androgynousdouby

Blog - 

The Curvynista

This international cutie is one stylish mama (literally..she's been styling her baby bump so fiercly). She is also a slammin' sneakerhead with kicks that put my 10 year-old keds to shame. Her combination of comfortable, sassy, and chic is a great of example of how to truly be comfortable with your own personal style. Also, she's always eating something delicious and is pretty much my spirit-sister (no animals here!). 

Instagram - @thecurvynista

Blog -

In My Joi

Joi makes glam look easy, color look accessible, and individuality look paramount. There are no boring trends here. Just fun, unique looks from someone not afraid to wear whatever she wants. 

Instagram - @inmyjoi

Blog -


Fly Plus Guy

His name says it all. But his style is for any guy looking to step up his fashion game. He recently released some show-stopping blog posts and has a great styling eye. Check him out!

Instagram - @flyplusguy

Blog -

Notoriously Dapper

He really belongs in all of these categories, but for my guys needing a body-positive, style-rule breaking muse...then head on over and check out Notoriously Dapper. Every outfit he styles is better than the last. I've never seen a guy make a t-shirt look so fly. Kanye may have gotten GQs most stylish man, but Notoriously Dapper is giving him a run for his $$$. 

Instagram - @notoriouslydapper

Blog -



Me! Of course. I'm trying to do something different as well. That means I am going to be getting my inspiration from you AND myself. So keep riding with your girl. See below for more honorable mentions (check out their Instagrams):

@Charmsie (for funky, fresh, fantastically different outfit styling from a cute Caribbean Chick)

@Ya_Girl_Pearl (for fun, body-positive fashion from a fellow #shortgirlslay - ing)

@Luziehtan (for more inspiration from across the pond...check out this German beauty.)

@Saintrecords (ok, so this is Solange Knowles. And you can follow her for her randomly beautiful pictures of chairs and room corners as well as her impeccable individualist style)

@ThePoutFittersBlog (these two are classic AND unique. Five Words 'Blazer Made Into A Dress")

@JewelzJourney (She has taken us all on her journey to self-acceptance and it's both fun AND inspiring. Watching this evolution has been so wonderful. Take a gander). 

Tell me who some of YOUR favorite bloggers are...I love finding new inspirations!