Turning Nothing into Something: The Expert's Guide to Halloween Procrastination

First, a little background information will make this post a little easier to understand. I didn't get to celebrate Halloween as a child, for religious reasons. Basically, if you have Caribbean parents, you know exactly what I'm saying. On Halloween, my mom put out a bowl of apples, turned out the lights, and told us to be quiet if someone came to the door. Yeah. We were THAT house. 

But for someone who LOVES playing dress-up, missing out on a holiday where the ENTIRE country you live in is playing dress up, is nothing less than tragic. Fast forward to adulthood and I haven't missed an opportunity yet to dabble in the Halloween absurd. BUT, for someone who leaves every little thing to the last minute ("I am as God made me!" - Titus Andromedon) I never, ever plan what I am going to be more than a few hours before I have to be somewhere. 

So here we are. It's 11:16 am on Saturday, October 29. I have a party to go to at 8:00 pm, and Amazon JUST delivered the major components of my costume. I actually still have to run to the beauty supply to get the last part!

What I am trying to say is, I am here for all your procrastinators. I've curated a few links here if you are in a hurry, and need to make nothing into something. Check out the links below for some quick, DIY costume ideas for those of us with no planning skills. Have a great night, and if you use one of these ideas, SHOW ME!!

Last-Minute Lena Horne

Krystle DeSantos is an digital  professional by day and a lifestyle & creative blogger by night. She writes about decor, style, vintage and DIY over on her blog. Follow her on InstagramPinterestFacebook and Twitter.

Have you ever sees someone on social media and instantly thought, "I'm gonna like her!" That's how I felt the second I found Krystle. Last year she killed it as Dorothy Dandridge, and this year she is doing the same as Lena Horne in "Broadway Rhythm".

This look is easy to recreate in a few hours with clothes already in your closet, or with a quick run to the thrift and craft store.  

Super Easy Sprinkles

Courtney Quinn is a "quirky New Yorker with an out-of-the-box sense of style and a slight color obsession!" Check out her blog www.colormecourtney.com

Super easy, and super fun. That's basically my life motto. So this look wins. Blogger, Courtney Quinn does two versions of the same costume - one for people who have a little more time on their hands, and one for people who wait until the last minute. Both are cute and will get you into that 'Costumes Mandatory' party you are dying to get into. 

Make it Happen Misty Knight

Jasmine Charnise is a freelance Graphic Designer/Photographer out of Atlanta, GA. Follow her on Instagram

Sweet Christmas!, this is my favorite look so far. I might just have to try this one...

Those of us still obsessing over the wonder that is Marvel's Luke Cage will love this one. There are no supply lists, no four paragraph instructions . Just a simple picture that will inspire lots of us. And if you've already got the 'fro...well all you need is something red to wear and a gold glove (or paint, like in the picture). Google a 'pop art' make up tutorial or find it on Youtube - and you're set!

Style Vader DIY

Last, but not least, we have Style Vader. I had the mask lying around from last year's costume, but didn't wear it when I went out. I figured this is the easiest DIY Halloween Costume, yet.

 If you're in a hurry, then head down to your local Toys 'R' Us, grab a Darth Vader toy pack and be on your way. You can wear whatever you want with it, and still look like you've been planning this for weeks.