Why Some People Have No Personal Style and Never Will

It's simple. Those people Don't. Take. Risks. 

I'm, of course, talking about style risks. I'm not talking about skydiving or quitting your day job to join Cirque Du Soleil. Although, if you're willing to take risks in one part of your life, you may be more than willing to do it in other parts of your life....but we'll talk about that later!


Risk means different things to different people. But I'll tell you this, the one thing that helped me figure out and feel confident in my personal style was RISK. I can honestly say that I am someone who NEVER says, "I can't wear that, it won't look good on me". But it wasn't always that way. 

I always liked playing dress up - mixing and matching and playing with patterns. Ask my mom..I stole ALL her clothes to do this.

Then I got a little older, and I let the discouraging words of others keep me from experimenting with my style. I wanted to fit in, and fade into the background. I wanted to dress the way everyone else was dressing. I started losing pieces of my style identity.

Then I got to college, and the automatic freedom I got from living on my own reawakened my desire to experiment with my style. My style is still evolving, and that's the best part. If you need help developing your personal style, check out my tips below.

Here are 5 ways to start taking risks to develop your personal style:

1. Don't use the opinions of others to talk yourself out of something: People often project their own insecurities onto others, and it can be hard to ignore. I'm not telling you to NEVER ask anyone for their opinion...but if you feel good in something, then bump what anyone else says. 

2. Look for inspiration from other daringly stylish folks: Some of my favorites - Solange Knowles and Leandra Medine of Manreppeller. These two are the queens of zero-fucks fashion. You don't have to copy their style or even exist on their level of #wearwhatyouwant. What you should do is let them give you the inspiration to go out and there and try something you've never tried before. 

 Solange Knowles plays with color, texture, patterns, and more to complete her style pallet. 

Solange Knowles plays with color, texture, patterns, and more to complete her style pallet. 

3. Nervous about rocking something? Wear it around the house first for a while. Get a feel for it. Figure out what it is that makes you uncomfortable and what made you buy it in the first place. Something caught your eye about it. use this at-home fashion show to get yourself comfortable

4. Remember that you won't know until you try. If you've spent the last 10 years telling yourself you don't look good in skinny jeans without ever having tried on a pair of skinny jeans....ugh, I can't with you. 

5. Love yourself first. Confidence is what you confide in yourself. If you're always telling yourself lies to keep yourself in a style box...then it's time to grow up and start thinking outside that box.