A Texas Gal's Guide to Californ-I-A

This weekend I said farewell to Spring, and welcomed Summer with open arms.  I left behind the humidity of Texas for the delightfully mild temperatures of sunny Los Angeles. I kept hearing something about a heatwave from the Los Angelenos, but I'm from Houston so their heatwave is my dream come true. 

Now it's only fair that I admit to you the full conversion I experienced in the 48 hours I was in Cali. Before going there, I'd seen the movies, heard the stories, listened to the bragging about California, but the state itself had become a caricature of itself in my eyes. The land of Kardashian just didn't appeal to me. I was not alone in my feelings. Plenty of Texans will tell you the same thing. However, the weather in Houston has been less than stellar for the last THREE MONTHS and escaping to the sunshiny-ness of California was just what the doctor ordered. So I get it. I get why people go to visit and never return. 

If you decide to break down your walls, and finally visit Los Angeles, you may find yourself sitting on a porch, sipping chilled white wine, letting the sea breeze tossle your hair - and for a moment think to yourself "Who the hell am I and when did I start loving chilled white wine?". All I can say to you darling is, let. it. happen. I did. Here’s a little Texas Tourist-y guide to enjoying LA (click the box below to open and flip through the Guide on Issuu.com):



Details on my Wedding Guest Attire, below (it was only 29.99!)