Bodysuits, Bra-Lettes, and Choosing Your Own Kind of Sexy

 Bodysuit and Bralettes from Forever 21 Plus. Scroll down for outfit details. 

Bodysuit and Bralettes from Forever 21 Plus. Scroll down for outfit details. 

That feeling when you’ve found the one outfit you plan on rocking All. Summer. Long
— - shortandtailor


I've had a little love affair with body-suits ever since stores decided to bring them back from the 90's graveyard. Bralettes on the other hand - well, that's another story. I'd see them in various straight-size stores and website collections and wonder "What's the point if you're anything bigger than an 'A' cup?". 

Well ladies, one of the things I can brag about is my willingness to try anything once (when it comes to style at least). So, as I was aimlessly wandering around Forever 21 , I spotted this wonderful bodysuit that combined all the season's trends - caged neckline, off-the-shoulder and frills. Then, as I was perusing through the work-out clothes, I found this bralette with harness-type straps and thought it might look cute under the bodysuit. And boy, was I right.

I always have reservations about off-the-shoulder shirts because I cannot stand strapless bras. But I really do love the look of a bare shoulder. So despite my aversion to bralettes, I gave it a try.


  1. Depending on the cut and style of the bralette, you can get away with just enough support under something strapless. If you're over a C cup, look for something with halter or harness like straps. 
  2. They really are so much more comfortable than a strapless bra.
  3. When you find one with interesting straps, material, or neckline, you won't even mind that your bra is showing.
  4. They can really take your outfit up a notch!
  5. They instantly add a little sex appeal to an outfit.

Try a bralette under a maxi-dress, with a blazer and some high-waisted trousers, with a midi skirt, or under an off-the-shoulder top like I did! 

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: Forever 21 Plus. Click here to buy

Bralette: Forever 21 Plus. Click here to buy

On Choosing Your Own Kind of Sexy

Can I be honest with you? It took me a second to walk out of the house in this outfit. It was a little more daring than I'm used to, but I felt good in it. Dammit, I felt HOT in it! This got me thinking. It's hard to be comfortable with feeling confident and sexy. For a lot of us, the term 'sexy' is so loaded that it's difficult to own it for ourselves.

The truth is you have to recognize that sexy doesn't have a damn thing to do with anyone else but yourself. Sexy isn't cleavage or short skirts or bare skin. Sexy is confidence. What makes you feel good is sexy. If a turtleneck and jeans make you feel that way, then go for it. If bare shoulders makes you feel that way, bring them out. Choose your own sexy and learn to live comfortably in it. What's your kind of sexy? Tell me below!