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As much as I love spreading positive energy, sometimes I still get bogged down by negative thoughts. That's why I am so glad I started blogging and entered the body-positivity arena. Seeing women like me win, and grow in their magic is really empowering. My fellow bo-po blogger, SarahJaneReign recently starting writing for the lifestyle website, Bustle, and featured me in her latest post. Give her your support and check it out "11 of the Most Common Ways We Fat Shame" by Sarah-Jane Morales. 


When you tell me, ‘You’re not fat, you’re beautiful,’ or any variation of that, you’re implying that fat means ugly. Or that my fat means I should hate myself.

I can assure you that there are plenty of plus size humans living very fulfilling lives and loving themselves just the way they are. The words “fat” and “beautiful” are not mutually exclusive, and encouraging me to dismiss what my body really looks like isn’t going to help me feel better about it.
— Sarah-Jane Morales aka @sarahjanereign