Style Swap: Jaleesa from "No Country For Old Trends"

TopShop Top | Missguided Shorts | Marshalls Rebel Sandals | (old) Kenneth Cole Watch | (old) Sunglasses

Hi Short & Tailor readers! Hi NC4OT readers! I'm Jaleesa of No Country For Old Trends and you're witnessing a style swap between Nyla of Short & Tailor and myself! While I'm known for wearing bright and bold colors, Nyla, as you may know, is a fashionista drawn to a monochrome, neutral palette! I don't remember how I came across Nyla's Instagram page, but I'm happy to have met her! I love that her neutral color palette doesn't limit her creativity! She loves taking risks with her attire and isn't afraid to embrace every curve of her body! My favorite kind of gal! She inspires me to be more self loving and to form a positive relationship with my own body. So we've decided to challenge ourselves to swap styles and embrace a bit of change in our wardrobes!

Today, I'm channeling my inner Nyla and she'll be channeling her inner Jaleesa over on my blog! Make sure you head on over to check out her colorful outfit of the day!

Now let's get into these details! For today's post, I'm wearing a look similar to Nyla's in her post, "Bodysuits, Bra-lettes, and Choosing Your Own Kind of Sexy". After reading that post and stalking her Instagram page, I think it's safe to say that she's a fan of lace-up tops! 

I'm wearing a monochrome blue look with a lace-up top I bought on sale for only $6! Definitely a steal.

IMG_1260 (1).jpg

Moreover, high-waist items are perfect for all body types! So you can pretty much expect to see me in high waist bottoms all the time! The pair I'm wearing is my summer go-to pair of shorts.

IMG_1259 (1).jpg

My sandals? Just an everyday summer pair, but with all the colorful beads, I can style them with pretty much any color outfit. Having such versatility is great! And lastly, I finish off my look with blue accessories. My funky sunglasses are an oldie from the 90s.

I often see Nyla rocking a cool pair of specs and decided I should do the same, up the funk factor of the outfit a bit. Additionally, Nyla doesn't tend to wear accessories, but when she does, she's usually rocking a couple of bangles or a chunky bracelet. I threw on an old blue watch and a bracelet, figuring it was just the right amount of arm candy that Nyla would wear. Adding a watch made the outfit more sporty!

This outfit is the perfect for almost any activity! You're down to do anything! Thank you Nyla for the inspiration! It was definitely hard to swap styles, but I love a good challenge!

Remember to check out her colorful and bold outfit on No Country For Old Trends! See ya there!