Pack with Impact: Get More Out of Your Travel Wardrobe

 I probably spoke it into existence. I kept asking my family if they packed emergency clothes in their carry-on luggage - just in case. As we waited at the luggage carousel, I just knew that our 14 hour travel day wouldn't culminate in lost baggage, but alas...

Luckily, I was a walking closet. I wore a few layers and stuffed an extra shirt into my backpack. We waited around 24 hours before retrieving our lost luggage, but that was at least three outfits worth of time for a gal like me. I had to figure out how to get more out of what I'd worn on the plane, and tucked into my backpack. I've also been living out of suitcases and duffle bags for the last year, so I've become sort of an expert on packing "with impact". With a boyfriend in a different city, and 8 plane trips this year, it was do or die (of boring outfits). 


I've learned my lesson, and will always use the layer approach when traveling. It's a life saver. And getting several outfits out of a few pieces will save you a ton of room when packing. Now, this requires a little bit of forethought. It won't work if you're someone who packs thirty-minutes  before your flight (don't be ashamed, I do it too). You'll get better and faster at it as time goes on, though. 

 Bodysuit - HM (Purchased in-store.  Here are some alternatives )  Leggings - Forever 21 Plus  Jacket with detachable hoodie -  Forever 21 Plus   Longline White Button-down -  HM   Faux Fur Collar -  Amazon   Backpack -  Forever 21   Flatform Sneakers - Buffalo Exchange

Bodysuit - HM (Purchased in-store. Here are some alternatives)

Leggings - Forever 21 Plus

Jacket with detachable hoodie - Forever 21 Plus

Longline White Button-down - HM

Faux Fur Collar - Amazon

Backpack - Forever 21

Flatform Sneakers - Buffalo Exchange

I've put together a look that I KNOW I could get at least 3-4 different looks from, and that would travel well. You need a few key components when putting together a versatile, layered look:  

  1. A Foundation piece: This is something you can wear alone, or underneath something else. I chose a sleeveless bodysuit from H and M. It has an interesting neckline that lets it stand out on its own, but it's not bulky so it will work under anyhing else.  
  2. Comfortable bottoms (that won't wrinkle): I bought these pair of sturdy leggings from Forever 21 last season , and they are perfect for traveling. They are a pretty thick spandex, so they hold up well with multiple wears. They have the stretch of your favorite yoga pants and the quality of dress pants. 
  3. An Oversized shirt: For this look, I used a long-line, crisp white shirt as an extra layer. It can be worn on its own, with the jacket, or tied around my waist. An oversized shirt is a must-have for putting something versatile together. 
  4. Jacket: If you're familiar with the "third-piece" rule, then you know a jacket can really pull a look together. You'll need to find the right one that works great on its own, and with a few layers under it.  
  5. Unique Accessories: I'm not talking necklaces and earrings here. For this look, I grabbed my faux fur collar that would work for every layer of this outfit. It could be a great third-piece, or a useful addition for those colder climates. Gloves, scarves, and hats  hold all fall into this category. A great bag can help pull a look together too. 

This layered look works best during fall or winter. The summer months might prove challenging, especially if you're in the south like me. Don't worry, when spring rolls around, we'll revisit this travel guide.  This is also a great way to start building a capsule wardrobe. Once you've figured out how to maximize your outfits, you'll find you won't need as many clothes. If you've got a lot of travel coming up in 2017, consider packing with impact!