Tall Girl, Short Girl : Fit Week Day 2

 Fit frustrations got me like....

Fit frustrations got me like....

You see “Short” in the title of my blog, and think…hey this isn’t for me! I’m not short. Yet, here you are still reading 😉 …And I truly appreciate it. That’s because our clothing struggles are two sides of the same coin. My best friend and I are exactly 1 foot apart in height, but I’ll tell you this - we spent most of high school and college swapping clothes because we could. Being Short and Curvy vs. Tall and Curvy present many of the same struggles.

For Day 2 of Fit Week, this Petite + Plus-Size cutie has teamed up with fellow Blogger and Tall Drink of Water, Esha of Thatsnotmyname.net. We’re sharing some of our common and all too similar fit frustrations. Whether you’re tall, short, or in the middle, I am sure you can relate. As women who fall outside the typical “off the rack” mold, we’ve learned to deal with annoyances like these: 


Short and Tailor (short girl):

At 4’11”, I’ve come to expect the struggle in finding pants that don’t completely sweep the floor when I walk. I mean, things are way better now that jeans aren’t flared or bell-bottomed. I can get away with some bunching at the ankle in a skinny jean, but those flares you were all rocking in high-school were a nightmare for me.

This is why I’m pretty sure I started the skinny-jean trend in 2004 because I was sick of tripping over tented hems. Being short and plus-sized isn’t easy because for whatever reason, fashion designers have their own idea of a plus-sized woman and she doesn’t look like me.  

That’s Not My Name (Tall Girl):

I have the same exact problem. Instead of having pant legs and arms that are too long mine are the opposite, too short.  I also have purchased pants that fit perfectly fine at the time of purchase, but later became “high waters.” Its evil magic and I don’t know why it happens - but I hate it. All of those pants had to be stowed into the “gym only” graveyard. Who are these designers making pants for?  It is almost as if you are not the perfect median height then everything is either too long or too short. And as for the waist thing… Church.  I think that is something that most of us curvy girls have in common.  Larger thighs does not automatically mean a matching larger waist.  When will these companies understand?



Short and Tailor:

Am I plus-sized or a junior? Do I head over to the plus-section to find something cut for my tummy, hips and butt or do I stay in juniors and dig around for a 2xl? Luckily, I discovered that the best bet is just to try things on. Because the truth is, this body belongs to no particular section. Hell, if I always stayed in the plus-section I’d be wearing the same thing 400 other girls are wearing (because we all know plus-lines are usually limited to a few pieces) AND it wouldn’t fit right.

It’s hard to explain, but despite being plus, my shorter stature makes a a lot of plus-clothing too much for my frame. So from time-to-time I wander into a straight-sized or juniors section to find something.  

Thats Not My Name:

This is the problem that drives me crazy because it makes me feel like I don’t belong anywhere. I am not very busty and my waist is smaller than my hips. Sometimes this makes it hard for me to find clothing in the plus section.  Not all vendors are created equal.  Some brands that say they cater to plus women only cater to a certain type of plus woman. The plus section of the basic retail stores needs to put some respek on my curviness.  I always find a cute dress or romper that fits okay in the hip and thigh area but is super loose in my bust area. Having the “spoon” shape doesn’t always help in the plus section and it is always a fail in the juniors section because I’m “too” hippy.



Short and Tailor:

I feel like this one is self-explanatory, yet a major factor in my missing out on a cute outfit. 

That’s Not My Name:

I have literally not dealt with that issue.  Just go shopping with your tall curvy friend, girl… She will work it out for you.



Short and Tailor:

I have a pair of Old Navy Rockstar jeans that girls keep asking about - “Where’d you find high-waisted jeans like those?” they say. Little do they know…they are regular rise and I’m just a short-waisted little princess. I’ve yet to find truly high-waisted jeans that work with my height, waist, and tummy. 

That’s Not My Name:

The rise on my jeans are always suspect.  First, because I am curvy with thick thighs and a smaller waist and second,  because I have a long torso and I just need more fabric there.  I go crazy for high-waisted jeans. High-waisted jeans are so kind to me and they are constructed to rise above the navel so I never have to worry about the waist of my jeans venturing down into Crack-land-ia. 

It can be a struggle to go shopping. A feat. An exhausting expedition - tall or short or in between. Let me help you out, girl. Here are some things you can do to make things easier:


  • Download my measurement guide here
  • Head on over to the ShortandTailor Facebook page to find some short girl hacks from Refinery 29 (and don’t forget to like!)
  • FIND A TAILOR. You’ll have to shell out a few extra dollars, but sometimes it’s just worth it
  • Realize that brands can only do so much. We can be frustrated, but we can’t let it get us down. We are individually beautiful, and it’s not a brand’s responsibility to help us feel better - they are just trying to make a profit. It starts with you. 
  • Keep reading Short and Tailor for tips on getting your best fit.

What are some of your shopping struggles? Can you relate to ours? Let a sista know in the comments.