6 Meaningful Holiday Gifts

I used to hate it when my parents gave me 'practical' gifts. But as I've gotten older, I see that what they really wanted to do was give me something meaningful. While that $100 gift card to Delia's was really what I wanted in the 7th grade, the journal my mom gave me got the most use. So here are some ideas for you last minute shoppers. These gifts are cool AND meaningful - because it IS the thought that counts. Happy Holidays!


Journals. Don't knock the beauty of giving someone a journal. It's such a therapeutic thing to write down what has been rolling around in your head. You can find beautiful, hand-made journals on Etsyif you're sticking to the #shopsmall theme like I am. You can also try sites like PoketoMinted  or even AmazonConsider making your gift a combo by including a nice pen or journaling guide. 

A Trip or Excursion. We get caught up in giving people things instead of experiences during the holidays. A trip will stay in someone's memory forever, and sites like Groupon offer great deals. Not sure what destination is best? Give a gift card that would go towards the purchase of a trip. 

Hand-Made, Fair Trade Gifts. Think about shopping fair-trade only this year. Brands like Raven + Lily  bring you closer to global artisans, so you can help contribute to the fairness and sustainability of their businesses. 

A Class or Course for a Hobby. Give the gift of knowledge. Offer enrollment in a class or course for a loved one’s special interest. The web has opened up the learning space so that anyone can learn to knit, bake, or even code.  Try sites like Dabble - it lets you (or a friend) discover, teach or host one-time, affordable classes in your city - Skillshare, or Skillcrush

Financial Awareness. For a young person, newly married couple, or someone struggling with money management, give the gift of financial freedom. They may think it's boring or lame, but it might very well be the greatest gift of all. 

Basic Toolkit. Here’s a great one for women and one for men. This is perfect for someone moving into their first home.

What are some other meaningful gifts you've given/received/wished for? Leave a comment below!

 Poketo Moment Blank Notebook

Poketo Moment Blank Notebook