Thoughts Caught In My Fro: Inaugural Post

You're probably wondering what the heck is going on. Well, long story short - it was time for me to grow. Thus, Thoughts Caught In My Fro (TCIMF) was born. 

When I first started blogging, I desperately needed it to keep my head above water. I was drowning in grad school papers and impending debt. Blogging became a welcomed distraction. However, I immediately felt like a level of authenticity was missing in blogging about "how to wear [insert random clothing item here] to look [insert coded language about you not being good enough here]". I was also becoming increasingly more self conscious about myself. 

ENTER BODY-POSITIVITY. I started writing about body-positivity from my point of view. I wanted to talk about how race and culture impacted views on the body. From then on, I found myself writing about all types of topics about being a young black woman in America. 

Finding a blogging niche can be beneficial when communicating with your target audience, but it can also turn you into a 1-dimensional soul. I want to talk about lots of things. Sometimes I want to take pictures, sometimes I want to shop, and sometimes I want to talk about critical race theory. Either way, I knew I needed a platform that would allow me to do all of that. A few week ago, I came up with an idea to label my random posts with that tag #thoughtscaughtinmyfro. I then realized it could be more than a random hashtag.

Don't worry, Short and Tailor isn't going anywhere. It will have a home on the new site, but I need to make room for every thing else I write about, too. TCIMF is a platform for that. I hppe you'll stick with me on this journey. It promises to be a good one.